I wrote this website and backend code for testing purposes, I then decided to expand on it further by adding more features besides Dynamic DNS that was based on Intermud connection records, So I began introducing new features such as an I3 Router, Channel History, Mud List, and a Small Search engine to aid users finding information in the extensive channel history database.

Since its creation this site has had many revisions mostly to increase its functionality, speed and usability as well as bug removal and I hope this will be its final revision for quite some time.

This site is essentially a free gift to the mudding community, primarily the mudding community connected to Intermud3 or IMC2 network.

Dynamic DNS

Muds connected to the Intermud3 or IMC2 network are assigned a CNAME, MX and an A Record:


Maintained Externally:

Random Message

News & Updates

DNS Upgrade

Our DNS is now served from 23 fully redundant Anycast locations worldwide!

Bug Fixes

Corrected a few minor bugs on the website.